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What is Faith?

Faith is a strong belief in a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. It also means complete trust or confidence. People who have a faith usually base this on a particular religion. Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. People’s pursuit or interest in a particular religion is normally practiced by followed the teachings of that religion and through devotions and the religion’s particular system of faith and worship.

My faith which provides the basis for the views and reflection on this website are based on the Christian Faith. Christianity developed from Judaism. It takes its name from Jesus Christ who was born in Bethlehem sometime between 6 and 4 BC to Jewish parents. (His life and birth require a separate article) Jesus was a Prophet who was crucified by the Roman Authorities when he was 33. His disciple founded the Christian faith because they believed he died and was raised from death by God and ascended into heaven. (A subject of much debated) Islam was founded by the Prophet Muhammad, about 622 AD. Islam is based on the teachings of the Jewish and Christian faiths, the Koran recognises Jesus as a Prophet. The three religions regard Jerusalem as important to their faith; this is why there is conflict in the city. Other faiths include Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism (which is a Philosophy which is not God based) and plus there are other faiths in different parts of the world. The problem is that these religions are controlled by people and over the years there has developed divisions. Islam has Sunni and Shiites which are on opposite sides in the Middle East conflicts. The Christian faith has divided over the years into a number of different groups; there are Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans (Episcopalians), Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Reformed Churches, Baptists, Pentecostal and I should not forget the various Evangelical Churches. With all these different views and variations of faith, is it any wonder why people find it difficult to believe?

A Christian Faith

Christianity takes its name from Jesus Christ. His disciple founded the Christian faith after Jesus’ crucifixion, because they believed he died and was raised from death by God and accessed into heaven. Christians also believe that he was the Son of God, the messiah, who was born of a virgin; he came to reconcile God with human beings through his sacrificial death. (These beliefs are set out in the Nicene Creed) This is the subject of much debated which frequently distracts people from the basic teachings of the faith.

The basic teachings are love of God, only worship him, have no false gods, not take his name in vain, love of family, do not commit murder, steal, adultery, make false statements or false witness (lie) and do not covet/desire another person’s possessions.  Love your neighbour and others people you meet, treat others as you wish them to treat you, help people in trouble even if they are a stranger. Do your best to live your live according to the teaching of Jesus and the Bible, and help others whenever you have the opportunity. Through your life and work, help others to know Jesus and follow his teachings. 

I believe that Christians should seek to be led by the Holy Spirit, through prayer, worship and actions. They do this by being genuine, flexible, accepting other people, self-awareness, striving for balance in their lives and for justice in the lives of all people. Their actions are motivated by love which is expressed as mercy, kindness, and compassion. Take an interest in the well being of others, and caring for the needs others without burdening them with their own troubles. Love moves them to support one another when people have a difficult experience, and staying with them in whatever way is needed. They should act in a way that is honesty, exercise fairness, truthfulness, loyalty, helpfulness and humility. They keep confidences, do not abuse or take advantage of others. They should be trust worthy and dependable. Have a discerning heart, and try to see accurately what is really going on, taking time for prayerful listening and deliberating before deciding on the appropriate action and then acting in a way that is most fitting.

These principles are for me are the basis of how Christian should seek to live their lives. In the modern world with all its temptations this can be a challenge, but if will truly believe then we should be seeking to live by these and apply them to all that we do in our lives. 

His arms are open to all and he welcomes all who come to him.

Are we always as welcoming to all people as he is?

Why I believe?

I was brought up as a Christian; at a very early age I realised what a wonderful thing it was to know that God was there watching over me. I read and studied different faiths when in my teens and early twenties, but the more I read, the more I felt it was right to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. He did live two thousand years or so ago and was crucified. Some doubt he died on the cross, others believe he did and like myself believe in his resurrection, but that is not the main reason I believe and seek to follow the teachings of Jesus and study the Bible. The story of the resurrection can only be believed if you believe in God. I have often felt his presence in my life and find it hard to understand why others cannot. 

People understand the thinking of Darwin, go into the complexity of DNA, but find it hard to believe the world was created by an intelligent designer and not by chance. It would be folly to suggest a computer program, your ipad or laptop were made by sheer chance, so why do people automatically think the world was created by chance. Atheists are unwilling to consider there was intelligence behind the creation of our world. To me it seems strange that in our modern world, where the things we use every day have been created through intelligent design, there are people that cannot bring themselves to think there could be an intelligent creator of the world we live in. I believe some scientists and atheists are reluctant to think about the possibility that the world was created through intelligent design because they may have to come to accept there could be a God, who created the world. 

My own personal view is that the barriers that stop many people from believing, are the attitudes of the church and all the conflicts that have happened in the world in the name of religion. Much of the suffering in the world today is done in the name of religion, but for those of us who have studied biblical teaching the actions of those who engage in war is contrary to the teachings of God which came through Jesus Christ; maybe that is why the religious leaders of the day had him crucified?  

When I am going through difficult times it is my faith that helps me to cope with my difficulties. I can express my feelings to God, pray for help and support. Psalm 23 speaks of the Lord being our Shepherd watching over us even when we walk through the shadow of death. It gives me reassurance knowing God is with me even in my darkest moments.


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