David Rogers Ministries

Peace in our world.

The UN General Assembly seek to enable countries to work together for peace within and among all nations and peoples.

We all need to pray that all political leaders will work together for peace, seek to create a world with love, compassion and understanding, not intolerance, bombings and hate. Bringing peace to the areas of the world where there is violence and hatred is one of the great challenges. Lord it surely cannot be moral acceptable for the world's great power to allow so much pain and suffering in the world today.  Amen

Pray for Zimbabwe

Pray for the people Zimbabwe that there will be a peaceful end to the crisis and the country can move forward under a new leadership that will work for the good of the people, not for their own financial benefit.   


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Let us give thank for all those who walk, run, and fundraise to raise money to find a cure for cancer. We pray for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, those going through treat which is stressful and debilitating, those families who have lost loved ones to cancer. We give thanks for those who have been successfully cured and the medical staff who care for sufferers and those who carry out research to find cures for the various forms of cancer. Let pray for the time when a cure is found, until then Lord be with all who are fighting cancer.


Pray for addicts

We pray that people with addiction to drug and alcohol may receive the help they need to free themselves of their addiction. Lord be with those friend and family who are trying to help those who cannot free themselves of their addictions and give support and strengthen to those who are trying to develop a new life.  


Pray for those who live in fear.

Pray for those living in wars and conflict who do not know if the next gun shot or bomb will kill them. Those who live in fear of abuse whether it is physical, sexual or verbal. Those who are forced into slavery scared that they will receive another beating. For the victims of traffickers, who are forced into prostitution or slave labour, being traded as if they are goods that can be bought and sold, not people with feelings who need love and care. We pray those who harm others and treat people as a commodity, may they see the harm they are doing and learn to love and care for those people they have abused.


Prayer for parents:

Please pray for parents who are going through difficult times with their children. The parents of young children who are feeling stressed trying to cope with their tantrums. The parents of children in hospital, children who have broken limbs, or those with disabilities, may they be helped by all those working in the care services. The parents of teenagers, who have a difficult relationship with their children, may they work through love to overcome the problems. Those parent who are concerned about their children’s welfare as they go to university or move away from home. Heavenly Father be with all parents, help them to show love when they feel anger, and strength them when they face difficulties caring for their children. Amen 

O Lord how we long to live in a world of peace, where there are no wars, conflicts and racial or religious hatred. We pray for a time when people will live and work together, ignoring a person's race, religion or sex. We pray that all those who have hate or prejudice in their hearts will learn to love their fellow human beings. For we are all equal in your eyes. 

Pray for those injured in accidents, we think of those who have been badly burned, lost limbs and no longer able to walk. Lord be with them at this difficult time in their lives and help their families and carers to give them, the comfort and support they need.

Oh Lord we pray for all the refugees in our world, who are fleeing, war, conflict, poverty and political oppression. We see how these vulnerable people are exploited by people traffickers, held for ransom, forced into the sex trade, or put on boats and left to sail to their deaths. Those who make it to what they think are safe countries find they are not wanted in those countries, and suffering while living in inhuman conditions, the politicians bicker over what to do with these people. God we prayer for peace and an end to the condition that force people to seek refuge in another country.  We pray that the world politicians will soon work together to bring an end to the conflict and find ways of providing safe haven for all refugees.


Prayer for the bereaved

We pray for those who are bereaved. When you lose someone you love it can be hard to understand why the person you love has been taken from you leaving a big empty space in your life. Heavenly Father be with and support all those who have lost someone they love.


Prayer for humility

Oh Lord its hard to humbly acknowledge our own faults, but easy to criticise others. We pray for those in power whose egos will not allow them to acknowledge their mistakes. The politicians seem incapable of resolving the problems of their countries which result in the suffering of many. We pray that the bankers, business managers and politicians may be guided in the development of action that will help our world out of its current crisis.