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When its difficult to believe.

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Our Guiding Light.

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Our Guiding Light.

Light is an important part of our live. In my blog; ‘Through the darkness I saw the light’, I used this idea that the light of God shines into the darkness and guides us into the light. We all go through difficult and dark times, for many Christmas time can remind them of the darker times in their lives when they have lost loved ones, or gone through serious illness. For me it is the knowledge that in our darkness nights God is there, often making his presents felt through the love of others or a piece of music. God works in a variety of ways to help us through life. I have therefore titled this blog ‘Our guiding light’. I hope that the reflection in this series of blog will help you to see God’s guiding light in your lives and in the world which can be a dark and lonely place for many people.


Through the darkness, I saw the light
This blog is a series of reflections based year B Lectionary readings.

The blog starts with the question are we ready for coming event, seeking to relate the biblical teachings to life in 21st Century. There is an advent reflection and a reflection on the birth of Jesus, before looking at the start of his ministry, and at the start of our New Year. The blog will work its way through the Church year being update ever two weeks.  

At the start of the Epiphany period in the Christian calendar we look at Jesus teachings, before we enter the weeks of Lent with reflections as we approach Easter. The post Easter and Pentecost periods will like the other week’s readings seek to relate the Biblical teaching to modern life and hopefully provide a basis for personal meditation and reflection.  I hope you will find these reflections of interest and help with your own spiritual journey.

New Blog is: Reflections by Bandana Preacher (David Rogers) 2023 

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Reflection on Biblical Rivers: Through the darkness, I saw the Light; When its difficult to believe and The Challenges of being a Christian. 

When its difficult to believe.

A reflection on faith's challenges.  

I wrote this blog after needing to rebuild my life, after events that caused my faith to be seriously challenged. It is very much a person reflection based on some of the tough experiences in my life and has been written to help other who may be going through similar experiences and asking the same questions.

 The subjects in the blog reflecting on bereavement, serious illness and the times we question our faith and ask why do I believe. It explores feeling in the dark times of life and how our faith helps us through, also posing the frequently asked question why do we suffer and do we find a way through our suffering?

I asked myself the question: Why do I still believe in God having gone through a great deal of suffering? And then try to answer this question. Answering this question can at times be difficult to answer when the Church’s word does not match its action and appears to have lost the plot. We also struggle at time to understand human kinds inhumanity to each other. The blog concludes by look at our choice; to believe or not to believe. 

The Challenges of being a Christian.

​​Christians face many challenges in the modern world. Some face persecution, others struggle to live a Christian life in a pluralist society, but many find it challenging when we are asked to explain aspects of our faith to none Christians. This often happens when we least expect it, during your tea or coffee break, at a social event or party, sometimes it may be a person searching to know more and they feel comfortable asking you a question. I wrote this blog to try to help people answer some of the questions we can face based on some of the questions I have been ask.

One of the most difficult questions Christians and people of other faiths can have is to be asked to explain is why we believe there is a God. Many people find it hard to believe in a God because it is difficult to prove beyond all reasonable doubt there is a God. To believe in a God requires a step of faith. God is described in different ways, some believe in God as a person, others as some kind of spirit or life-force that is a single supreme reality which is the source of everything and oversees the world and all that is happening in it.

Trying to led a Christian life in the modern world, along with working out what is ethical for a Christian presents daily challenges. But questions like; who was Jesus? what are his teachings? can be difficult, the degree of difficulty increases with questions on the Trinity, Holy Spirit and Communion. Trying to answer these during your coffee break is a challenge. I have tried to address these questions in the blog. I have also looked at other subjects; who were God’s people in the Old Testament, Old Testament laws, the life of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament, the Disciples mission, Paul, prayer, our spiritual life, sin and forgiveness, also worship.

I hope you will find the content of this blog interesting and helpful.

Reflections on Biblical Rivers.

The main rivers in the Bible are Nile, Euphrates, Tigris and Jordan. The blog looks at the biblical stories linked to the rivers and seeks to relate them to modern life. 

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Through the darkness, I saw the light.

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Reflections by Bandana Preacher (David Rogers) 2023 blog

This blog looks at challenges facing Christians on 21st Century.

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The challenge of being a Christian.

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