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This is not a commercial website. However it does seek to encourage people to help others.

This site considers some of the issues people face 21st century:  

The links on this site are to some of the sites which have helped the writer develop his perspective on the subject areas examined, provide some of the information used on the site and also suggestions on how people can help others.

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  The Social Issues pages focus of some of the social problem we face in the 21st Century.

The main page looks at a wide range of issues including exploitation on the poor, the plight of  children, as way as other issues.There are pages which looks at caring for others, plus other care issues with reflections on the parable of the Good Samaritan, also the problems created by poverty, and the damage to the environment.  

 The Moral Challenges pages examine the moral issues we face, our moral development and reflects on sin and virtue.

The moral and ethical challenges created by greed, selfishness, money, and how our attitudes to these issues can have a negative impact on other people and the environment. The work and business page has an initial article. The other pages looks at a wide range of other moral issues.   

Caring about people and the world in which we live.

The Reflections pages. 

People of Faith face many new challenges the reflection pages contains reflections on faith issues and asks questions like why should we go to church? 

Reflections and articles based around the Sermon on the Mount. The Prayer and reflection pages are is still growing. These pages seek to help people think about their relationship with God and their worship of him.

Also take a look at the blogs which have a series of reflections.

Seeking the truth.

There are many people in our world seeking to know more about God and Jesus. However, we all need to be wary of the doorstep preacher who like the dishonest doorstep salesperson are far too often not a true disciple of Jesus. The Bible warns of false prophets who take advantage of a person who is genuinely searching to understand the message of Jesus. God’s message in the Bible is love, not money. The real gospel taught by Jesus Christ is one of actions not words. Many of the teachings of Jesus require us to be active in caring for others and not just preaching about it. We should pray that God will protect people from the false prophets in our world and help them come to understand the joy, peace, and love that come through Jesus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

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Reflections by Bandana Preacher (David Rogers) 

The Blogs page contains a number of blogs which have been written to help people going through challenging times. The blog are written from a Christian perspective using Bible readings to help illustrate the central subject area of the reflections. These reflections seek to help people relate their faith to the modern world.

We live in a world that needs a whole lot of love, love of others particularly those who are homeless, persecuted and exploit by the greedy and selfish.
St Paul tells us: “Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong but rejoices in right. (1 Corinthians 13.4-6.). We pray that our world can be filled with a love that drives out hate and violence.  




God of grace we have a vision of a world without war, poverty, or hunger. We pray for peace, an end to poverty and food for the hunger. Give us the courage to share our resources and ourselves. Lead us into a greater trust. Create in the world’s leaders a deeper desire for a true community of nations across the earth.  
God of compassion we pray for a world without homelessness, loneliness, or fear. Show us how to build new relationships. Help us to serve and create in us a greater commitment to the common good.
God of care we pray for a church as the Body of Christ, where we carry each other’s joys and sorrows. Strengthen us to bear each other’s burdens, creating in us longing for true communion with each other and with you.

God of loving mercy we off ourselves. May we be always ready to serve you, ever willing to go where you would send us, to bear your message of hope, to carry your good news of love, joy, and peace.


David Rogers Ministries


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Below is a reflection 'Seeking the Truth'. On the worship page, prayers, bible reading John 3.1-17 and Hymn; "Seek Ye First the kingdom of God" on the You Tube Link, which may help with your meditations.  

The site examines modern social, moral and faith issues from a Christian perspective, with the aim of helping people to understand the issues, how they can affect us and suggests areas for personal reflection. You can also read and reflect on the various blogs on the Blog Pages
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